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Advantages Of Video Marketing That Boost Results

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I once had an English teacher describe my generation as the “visual generation”. She meant that the only way we wanted to learn was by watching and not reading. As much as we denied it – she was completely right! Just look at the advantages that video marketing has today – it boosts results.

To get your website to be highly searchable and appear at the top of search result pages takes a long time and dedication but if you want to boost your results then adding a video to your local SEO positioning campaign will do just that.

There are so many advantages to adding a video to your website that it would actually be irresponsible to leave it out.

Your video will reach a much wider audience. Anyone from my generation would rather watch a video than read text about a certain product or service. The best thing about this is that if the people who watch the video like it then they’ll share it with their friends.

This starts a wonderful chain reaction of friends passing on to friends who will then post it on a blog and then the readers of the blog will pass it on to their friends and so on and so forth. Thus creating brand awareness and interest in your site. It’s like advertising via word of mouth only it is forwarded by e-mail.

If you put the proper keywords or phrases in your video marketing, your site will increase in search result rankings. If there is a video suited to the key phrases that are being searched then these videos will come up as the top results.

You can capitalize on more traffic by uploading your video to other high-ranking video sharing sites.

It is value for money. You could do the video yourself and edit the video with free programs or get a friend who is good at making videos to help you. Be careful though, a bad video will have the opposite effect of a good video so don’t be shy to hire a professional company to make sure you get good results. The business that the video marketing will generate will probably pay for itself.

It adds a personal touch to your website. Some people are very skeptical about the internet and are so scared of getting caught in a scam that video marketing would probably help them feel more at ease in trusting your website and product. People connect with people, not computers.

It catches the attention of potential customers much easier and more quickly than any text would. My visual generation also seems to be in a rush all the time. Instead of taking time to read an article on a certain product we would rather option for the shorter and “to-the-point” video. This helps generate a more focused market because if the person liked what they saw in the video then they will take the time to read your articles and if your content is good, then it will produce a sale.

So if you want to be boosted to the top then use the advantages of video marketing.

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