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It’s A Shame For You To Lose Prospects Because Of A Poor Business Web Design and Layout

Websites get judged by their layout

We’ve been told all our lives to not judge a book by its cover but we still do. We judge everything we see within the first few seconds and in the world we live in today we are spoiled with choices. We can easily go and find another website that has what we are looking for. Keep that in mind when planning your small business website design.

The first thing in small business website design is to make sure that your website is easy to find. You can do this by advertising your website on and offline. You can attach your website to your business card, pamphlets, advert boards, radio and TV. You can also advertise your website online through search engines, directories and links from other websites. Having a good local SEO position will also help make your website more visible.

Once the person has found your website make sure that your website is quick to download. We are always in a rush and patience has become a rare thing. No one wants to wait while your page is taking forever to download. We will just move on to the next site and see what they have to offer.

Your website should be simple and easy to read. No one is going to waste time trying to read text that has been separated badly by an image in the middle. Also be aware of the color scheme that you use. If your site is too dark or too bright it makes it difficult to see.

Make your website user friendly. Trying to navigate your way through a maze of a website is no fun and can get extremely frustrating for the user. Clearly mark your links and let the user know where they are going. You can help this by using colors and making those colors change once a link has been selected so the user knows that they have already looked at that page.

In small business website design, it is said that your website should be consistent throughout the web layout. Keep the colors and the effects the same throughout. You don’t want the user to feel like he or she has stumbled upon a completely different website and then get confused and leave. You want to make the navigation through your website as pleasant as possible.

Lastly, but not at all least, make it easy for the user to contact you. Clearly put your businesses contact details and address on your website where it is clearly marked and easy to find. Remember this will help your client feel more at ease and trust you. You are giving them the option to speak to you directly or sending you an e-mail, whichever way the client prefers.

As much as we like to say we are open to anything, we actually aren’t. We like to take the pathway of least resistance in life. It could be because we are extremely lazy or we just don’t want to add extra stress to our lives. Either way you need to take all of this into account when you start your small business website design and layout.

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