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The Power Of Quality List Building

The slow but steady tortoise

The tortoise always wins the race. This saying goes hand in hand with building a quality mass email marketing list. There are two ways to obtain a large amount of e-mails.

You can be the rabbit and buy them in bulk or you can be the tortoise and obtain them yourself. If you buy the mass email marketing list in a bulk package, you can expect problems. People will e-mail you back asking how you obtained their e-mail address and it could cause a big problem. Although you may get a mass amount of e-mails in a very short time, in my opinion, it is better to take the slow route and build your own mass email marketing list.

There are plenty of ways to do this. You can add a sign up box to your website encouraging your customers to join your mailing list. Make it worthwhile for them to sign up. Maybe send your list a monthly newsletter, a free report, an advice column every week or anything else your customer sees as valuable.

Remember people are very worried about giving their e-mails away because of all the Spam that goes around. Build up your clients trust and keep it. By doing this the e-mail addresses that you will collect will be of quality lead generation.

Ask your customers for their e-mail addresses. If you have a store you could give them a form to fill out asking them for their e-mail address and permission. You could also ask over the phone or via your website. If the client says no it just saves you time.

Also think out of the box when building a mass email marketing list. Add an incentive like a weekend away or goodies basket. People are willing to take the plunge and sacrifice their e-mail addresses if they could get something in return, even if it is up to chance.

Once you’ve built up your mass email marketing list, which could take a while, there are great advantages to having it. It’s an easy and quick way of advertising your product or any specials that your business might be running. Plus you can encourage your customers to pass on the e-mail to friends and family that also might be interested.

A mass email marketing list is a great way of creating brand awareness and getting your product out there in the quickest and cheapest way possible.

Remember to make your e-mails as attractive as possible. It would be pointless taking all this time to build up a mass email marketing list and then fail when it comes to the actual adverts. You can add links to your website if the customer would like to find out more or watch a video that you have added to your website. Also make your adverts simple and clear so that the customer knows exactly where to go or what number to dial for further information.

Good things come to those who wait so be the steady tortoise and remember the power of quality list building.

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