Keywords Research

How To Effectively Perform Keywords Research

It all comes down to keywords.

Keywords and key phrases are one of the most important components to improving your local SEO position. To achieve this, your website needs to show up in search results with key phrases that are related to your business or product. In order to do this you need to effectively perform Keywords Research.

How do we do this you ask? The answer is research and sadly it sounds easier than it is.

Most people recommend that you get a professional to do the work because then you know it has been done well, where others encourage hard work and perseverance because that will save your business money. Either way keywords research needs to be done properly to achieve long lasting results.

The first step in effective keywords research is to find a word or phrase that you think a potential customer may use to find your business. This could be a description of the service you provide or the area in which your business is located. Write them all down. These key words or phrases can be the name of your business or the tag line of your business. You’ll find that you will have a lot of key words but sadly you can’t use all of them.

You have to filter your options down to about 4 or 5 different key words per page. Once you have a few options of key words or phrases that you like and think potential customers will use, you have to test the keys words. There are free Keyword Tool programs online that you can use for this. Type the words or phrases into the research section and the program will then tell you how many other websites use those key words or phrases.

This then forces you to be more creative with your key words. Instead of using a general key word like “hand-bags” try being more specific like, “Italian hand-bags” you’ll find that less people use this key phrase and it is more specific to what your business has to offer so the people looking for Italian hand-bags will find you more easily. This process will probably take a while as it takes time to find the right keywords.

If you are satisfied that you have unique key words or phrases you now have to put them on your website. Remember that you can’t have random key words floating around your website. You have to put them somewhere and here is where content comes in. You need a lot of content with your key words in them for the search engines to classify you as being worthy of a first page result.

One way to do this is to make your tag line or description of your business as vivid and key word filled as possible. For example, “Hand crafted Italian hand-bags right at your doorstep.” But then also have content on your website to back up your key words so that it is not classified as Spam.

It takes a lot of time and hard work to gain first page search results but it can be done with strong and good keywords. You can find those keywords by effectively performing Keywords Research.

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