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Key Components For Proper Local SEO Positioning

Location, Location, Location

Every businessman should know that local SEO Positioning (Internet Search Engine Optimization) is a very important thing. Things such as the yellow pages, and I mean the actual book not the website, are becoming obsolete because everyone these days just use a search engine to find what they are looking for.

It is said that the top 3 results of any search engine are the ones that have the most traffic and turn out the most business. Why? Probably because we are too lazy to look at the fourth result and people also trust that if it is at the top then it is probably the most reliable, which is usually the case.

Before we get into the key components for internet search engine optimization you need to be aware that there is a difference between local SEO Positioning and global SEO Positioning. With global SEO Positioning the competition is on a much wider scale and you have businesses that might be willing to spend a lot more money on this than you, so chances of getting into the top three are slim.

With local SEO Positioning it is a little easier to get into the top 3 but not any less hard work. Not every local business knows about SEO Positioning and your page will be more accessible for the people actually looking for it.

So how do you get your business to be one of the top results? You could employ a company to do it for you or you could buckle down and work a little harder on your business’s website.

The most basic things to think about for your Local Internet Search Engine Optimization mission are Title Tags, Key words, Content, Links and Maps.

1. Title Tag

This could be the name of you business and what you stand for, so if anyone searches for you by name you will be closer to the top results. This also ties in with your key words or phrases.

2. Key words and Content

These two kind of go together. It is useless picking out key words or key phrases and not having enough content on the subject to make them viable. So your content needs to be the best and constantly updated. You could try adding a Blog to your website for feedback and to keep you updating your site.

3. Links

Links are extremely important to have. Have internal links to different pages on your website and also have external links to other websites that has similar content to you or similar business. Don’t link up to a website that has nothing in common with yours.

4. Maps

Register your local business so that people will be able to find you easily. Most search engines these days attach maps to top results.

With hard work and determination you can get more traffic and business to your website.

Keep these four key components in mind for proper local internet search engine optimization and local SEO Positioning. Plus if you get lost and need more help you could always use a search engine.

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