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Golden Rules Of Internet Marketing Articles

Be original for search engines sake!

There seems to be two things that make search engines happy, key words and original writing. But in your original writing of someone else’s article you need to use those key words, not to many of them, but just a sprinkle to satisfy the publishers and the search engines. But what is the Golden Rule of internet marketing articles?

There are other rules as well, like don’t copy and paste someone else’s work and don’t try and advertise your own product. So I guess to find out that one golden rule that serves before all else is to ask, “What is the point of writing internet marketing articles?”

It’s to create traffic. Now no one in their right mind likes traffic – not even on a good day. But in the Internet marketing world that is exactly what people strive for – to generate enough traffic till it’s blocked up as far as the eye can see. And the only way you can do that is by producing quality articles with a dash of key words – but most of all with originality.

Having said that, there are some set rules like using the key words in the heading of your article but you also want to avoid duplicating someone else’s heading. So take some time to ponder a catchy heading that will make someone want to open the article and read it because we want to follow the golden rule of being original to make traffic.

Another rule that needs to be followed in regard to internet marketing articles is to make your article fact based and not an outright sales campaign. If we wanted to do that then we would transcribe infomercials but no, we want to be original so we can have our articles read.

Then you get the rules that you were taught in school. An article must have a beginning, middle and an end with a pithy summary at the top of the article to catch the reader’s eye. Why? To generate traffic!

It’s like that ultimate rule in the Bible where, if you follow that one Golden Rule, all other rules will naturally follow and be obeyed.

No SEO Article on the Golden Rules of writing will be published with bad grammar and spelling. As long as you are original and interesting in your writing no one is going to care if your paragraphs are longer than a hundred characters long including spaces. And if you want to be original and interesting and get published you wouldn’t type the article to suit your own personal endeavors or promotions of products.

Having said all of this, people do tend to waffle on a bit to fill the 500 words requirement but as long as it is an interesting, key word scattered article no one will really care. Not even the search engines.

In conclusion (and filling in of word requirements), the Golden Rule of Internet Marketing Articles is to be original.

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