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Reasons Why Manual Directory Submissions Are So Important

It’s all worth it in the end.

Automated directory submissions are a big no-no! There are a lot of schemers out there and one of their diabolical plans is to take your hard-earned money. They tell you that they can automatically submit your directory and cut the waiting period down to a few weeks. But it’s all lies, I tell you – all lies! … Well, it certainly is in my opinion.

The thing with automated software is that you don’t really have any choice in the matter. It will limit the number of directories and categories that you can submit to which will inevitably land up being banned because the directory will think you are Spam and throw you out. This causes you the added difficulty of getting a better search result ranking because of your now tarnished name.

Automated directory submissions have a much greater chance of rejection because directory submissions are actually reviewed by humans. So it is actually better to think that automated directory submissions don’t even exist. Even though they appear to be cheaper they are, in actual fact, a waste of money.

It’s actually better to make use of manual directory submissions. It’s like trials within your life – one has to work through them and stay the course in order for them to be beneficial in the end.

By manually submitting your url or links to the directory you have full control over the submission process. Except, of course, when your website is being scrutinized by the human reviewers! Eek! Remember that they get a vast amount of directory submissions and have the right to be picky. So make sure that your website is of great quality!

If your website is of great quality and it gets the human reviewers and editors stamp of approval your website will automatically be considered credible and search engines will find it hard to resist your website.

You can then take full advantage of submitting to each directory and to as many categories as you want. This whole process will cost you money but in the long run it will improve your search result rankings, which is the reason you’re doing all of this in the first place right?

If this sounds too much like hard work for you then you can hire a SEO Company to do it for you or even a freelance SEO worker. Do not take shortcuts and hope for the best. To get great lasting results you will have to put out the effort upfront.

The reason why manual directory submissions are so important is because you could improve the search result rankings of your website which in turn will improve the traffic, all resulting in more sales. It may be a long and complicated process but directory submissions are totally worth it in the end.

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