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How Blog’s Are An Integral Part Of Your Website

Blog your way to the top!

Blogs seem to be just as important to websites as key words are to search engines. Blogs and proper blog promotion are an integral part of your website and local SEO positioning.

Blog’s may be difficult to keep up to date but the advantages of having one will definitely out way the schlep of having to maintain it. Don’t neglect your blog or blog promotion just because social network marketing is easier. The rewards are much greater with maintaining your blog than your website’s Facebook account.

The great thing about blogs, are that if regularly updated it keeps the content of the website fresh. Normal websites are very stationary in their content and only get updated once in a while. Search engines love fresh content and so this will improve your search result ranking.

The power of key words is at your advantage again. By updating your blog you can enrich your content with fruitful keywords that the search engines will pick up on. Try and find lucrative keywords that aren’t used as often as others. This will also improve your search result rankings and improve the traffic towards your website.

Having a blog with daily advice and tips will also help build trust with your customers and credibility with your target audience. Another advantage of blogging advice, tips, and proper blog promotion is that a search engine might spot you as an expert which, will again, increase your search result ranking.

The most powerful aspects of blog’s when it comes to search engine optimization is the speed with which you can build inbound links. This is because blogs are populated with the type of content people are willing to link to. Whether it’s passing a resource post to contacts on Facebook, re-tweeting a great article or linking with added commentary from another blog, well written blogs rarely lack for inbound links.

Another great blog promotion tactic is to find blog’s who will allow you to be a guest blogger. By doing this you may find that the people who read that blog enjoy your writing and so will link up to your own blog. Thus you are increasing your traffic and promoting your own website at the same time.

Remember not to blog purely to get your website’s search result ranking to a better position, you should blog for business and communication reasons. This motivation will make it easier for you to maintain your blog and keep that content fresh and flowing.

Blog’s are an integral part of your website so make sure not to neglect your blog or blog promotion. Moreover, make sure you have a blog for the right reasons.

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