10 Ways To Protect Your Online Reputation

Your online reputation is important. With today’s technology a lot can be said and publicized in a very short amount of time. Take time to see what others think of your business…http://bit.ly/c2rhjq

Help boost your business’ reputation by implementing powerful social networking solutions!

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How To Achieve Great Results

Achieving above average results in your local business goes far beyond implementing the perfect strategy or using the best tools technology has to offer. It all begins with you…http://bit.ly/c3up3n

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How To Save Time & Money

Here are 51 tips on how you can take advantage of technology to help reduce your time, money, and efforts…http://bit.ly/dtfK8h

Finding new ways to implement technology within your marketing strategy is key. Automation, when appropriate, is a wonderful thing. When properly understood, technology can far outweigh it’s implications. Our services leverage technology to better help local business owners.

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SEO Trademark Opposition

Sometimes it takes great perseverance to overcome obstacles and see things through to the end. Here you have a woman willing to stand up and oppose a guy who wants to trademark the word ‘SEO’ and regulate it’s purpose and use throughout the internet…http://bit.ly/c1yrbd

This could have become a nuisance. People using the word ‘SEO’ would have to seek approval and be bound by whatever restrictions were set in place. ‘SEO’ is not just a word, but an important facet to online marketing. Read about the importance of local SEO positioning.

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Social Media Thrives Off Of Imagination

A musician uses the power of social media to promote his musical jingles and sees great results…http://bit.ly/dv2DHl

Read more about using a social networking solution in your marketing strategy.

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Simple, Yet Important Local SEO Techniques

I recently read this local SEO (Search Engine Optimization) article (http://bit.ly/dvHTQJ) and wanted to pass along these 14 basic techniques that will help boost your local business ranking. They may come across too basic, but majority of the time, it’s the simple menial tasks, when repeated over and over, that create the best long-term results.

For more local SEO information… local SEO positioning

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